You won’t find a microwave, can opener or walk-in cooler at Chinito’s Burritos because the meat and produce arrive fresh every day from Union Market. The carne asada taco ($2) is made with strips of sirloin steak marinated in soy sauce, garlic, ginger and citrus for 24 hours...Washington Post
Founder/owner Won Jin Chong, a seasoned chef with a penchant for daily shopping runs, insists his recipe for success is more about scratch cooking than secret spices. “We treat it as if we’re feeding our family,” he said of his affinity for fresh ingredients. Our carne asada burrito...Roll Call
While it's more of a neighborhood spot than a destination for residents outside of the H Street/Trinidad/NoMa area, the potential headache of dealing with WMATA to eat a burrito from the 7th Street and Florida Avenue NE restaurant is worth it...Dcist